Del Norte County California Cities/Towns - Bertsch-Oceanview, Crescent City (County Seat), Crescent City North, Gasquet, Klamath, Smith River

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Del Norte County is located in the State of California. As of the 2016 census, it had a population of 27,540. The county seat is Crescent City.

Del Norte is the abbreviated Spanish nickname for "the land of the north" (la tierra del norte), and is known as "The Gateway to the Redwood Coast". Despite the Spanish etymology, the common pronunciation is to drop the trailing "e" and say "Del Nort".
The area that is now known as Del Norte was and still is inhabited by the Karuk and Hupa Nations of indigenous peoples. The first European American to explore this land was pioneer Jedediah Smith in the early 1800s.
Del Norte is also known among Bigfoot enthusiasts as the location of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, as well as being the location of some of the forest scenes used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

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